Attendance Awareness Month launches in September

All schools in Orange County will be back in session in September, making it a great time to emphasize the importance of not missing school.

Students miss days and classes for a variety of reasons, but attendance can be a particular struggle for low-income families, transient students and those experiencing homelessness. It is critical that schools intervene early to identify and address the issues that contribute to chronic absenteeism.

Research has shown that being absent just 10 percent of the school year can greatly affect a student’s academic success. Helping students build the habit of attending school every day and on time will benefit them in school, college and work.

Attendance Awareness PosterTo help schools address the attendance crisis, the California Department of Education has partnered with Attendance Works to create a set of resources, including this helpful infographic, which can be printed and posted in key locations throughout school campuses. Additional resources including posters, banners and social media tools are available on the Attendance Works website.

Remember that addressing chronic absenteeism is the key to improving graduation rates, increasing academic achievement and giving young people the best chance at success now and in the future.