Have questions about the new SAT? Let the experts at OCDE be your guide

High school students who take the SAT this year will face a very different test than those who came before them. But OCDE is here to help.

The new SAT made its debut in March and impacts students in the class of 2017 or younger. The main goal of the changes, according to the College Board, the SAT’s architect, is to better reflect what students learn in school.

From the return to the top score of 1,600 to a revamped essay section, the new SAT has undergone its biggest changes in 30 years. No longer will there be the famously obscure vocabulary words or penalties for guessing. There will be an increased emphasis on analyzing long reading passages and tackling algebra and problem-solving questions. 

What does this SAT overhaul mean for students? It means the way they study and prepare for the test has changed radically.

This is where OCDE steps in. The department is offering an SAT redesign boot camp … literally.

Designed to support students, parents and educators with college readiness, the College Knowledge Series is holding workshops where participants will learn about the redesigned SAT test and practice skill development. More information on the available sessions and registration can be found here. Check it out soon — the next one is April 23.

And while you’re learning about the new SAT, make sure to check out the 2016 Transitioning to College Workshop on May 17. This one is for students and parents to help address the concerns about going to college, now or in the future. That registration is found here.