September 1 marks beginning of Attendance Awareness Month

shutterstock_167557547Students are filing into classrooms all across Orange County as the new school year begins, and the goal is to keep those classrooms occupied with eager young minds all year.

A nationwide movement aimed at demonstrating how essential attendance is to academic success, Attendance Awareness Month is recognized annually in September to promote the value of regular school attendance.

Research has shown that being absent just 10 percent of the school year can greatly affect a student’s academic success. Helping students build the habit of showing up on time every day will benefit them in school, college and careers.

Partnered with by the California Department of Education, Attendance Works offers great resources including posters, banners and social media tools on its website, like this excellent infographic for example. These can be hung around school campuses, in classrooms or even at home.

Remember that addressing chronic absenteeism is the key to improving graduation rates, increasing academic achievement and giving young people the best chance at success now and in the future.