Children’s Water Education Festival to promote lessons of environmental conservancy

Orange County Water District's 2023 Children's Water Education Festival
Students take part in a science experiment at the Children’s Water Education Festival in 2023. (Courtesy of Orange County Water District)

Over the past 26 years, the Orange County Water District has brought water-related and environmental education to nearly 150,000 students in Orange County. 

This March, the organization hopes to expand opportunities for students to learn about their local water supply at the annual Children’s Water Education Festival hosted at the University of California, Irvine. 

The field trip, held on March 27 and March 28, will provide third- through fifth-grade students an opportunity to learn about local water and environmental conservation by taking part in hands-on activities and science lessons.

The festival is free for Orange County elementary schools and teachers can register online. With the event slots for March 28 almost full, organizers are advising elementary school teachers to register for March 27.

Orange County Water District's 2023 Children's Water Education Festival
(Courtesy of Orange County Water District)

The Orange County Water District will partner with more than 40 local organizations including OCDE’s Inside the Outdoors program, Disneyland Resort, UCI, Back Bay Science Center, the Columbia Memorial Space Center and more. 

These local experts will lead engaging presentations and projects that meet the state’s Next Generation Science Standards. Inside the Outdoors will host a booth where students can explore the concept of watersheds and reducing water waste in their own backyards.

“The festival teaches youth that they can make a difference in protecting our water resources and the environment for today, tomorrow and for future generations,” said the Orange County Water District. “Year after year, teachers return to the festival with their classes to engage in this unique educational opportunity.” 

Teachers can register for the 27th annual Children’s Water Education Festival online by Jan. 31. Those who are unable to register by the deadline or have questions about the event can contact the Orange County Water District at as spots may be open.