Esports guide for parents: Here are 5 answers to common questions

The 2019-20 North American Scholastic Esports Federation is beginning across many Orange County high schools and a few middle schools.

The league, now in its third season, brings together thousands of students by incorporating gaming into the classroom. The idea is to engage more young people while also promoting each school’s mission of preparing more students for college and careers.

Students on computers participating in online gamingOrganizers have put together answers to some common questions to help parents better understand what the league is about, how students learn valuable skills and what is being done to promote a safe learning environment throughout.

What game are students playing this season?

This season is based around the game Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch is a colorful team-based game starring a diverse cast of powerful heroes. Gamers travel a virtual world, build a team and contest objectives in teams of six players.

How does the league ensure students stays safe against bullying and toxicity, both online and in person?

All NASEF partners, students, general managers and coaches are held to the same standard: Ensure the esports environment is inclusive, supportive and excellent. Managers monitor and report any improper conduct to league officials, which can result in disqualification.

What is taught to students to ensure that gamers respect one another and follow positive gaming practices?

In addition to the league’s Code of Conduct, organizers have developed resources to educate students on the importance of diversity and inclusion, and they can support clubs in intervening on misconduct issues.

Why should I support my student in their interest of gaming and esports?

Within the club model, students receive exposure to a variety of roles found within the esports industry. This early exposure can empower students to pick up new skills and promote existing skills to better prepare them for the future workforce.

Who can parents contact if they have any additional questions or concerns about their child’s esports gaming experience?

Parents can always talk with the school’s team coach, or they can send messages to