Kindness Korner: A gift that keeps on giving for the mom that does everything

Do you remember that Walt Disney cartoon, Goofy’s How to Play Baseball? Essentially, Goofy ends up playing many positions on the baseball field all at the same time — much like one particular Orange County mom, whose husband says she does it all.

Described by her family as amazing, Theresa is not only a wife and a mother of two, but she also works full time, coaches the children’s sports teams, is a PTA president and is a long-time committee member for multiple community and charity organizations. And if that wasn’t enough, her husband says she does everything around the house as well.

He decided he wanted to show her just how much the family appreciates all of her hard work — and make that appreciation last. This is when he came up with the idea, with his two children, to decorate a glass bowl and fill it with special notes and memories each week from the family. The idea, according to her husband, is to have that available to Theresa to read when she feels tired, overworked or just wants some love.

He tells us they try to keep the bowl consistently filled to the top.

Take a look at some additional stories of kindness that you’ve shared with us:

This week, I volunteered at an organization that provides therapy through horseback riding to children and adults with disabilities.

I continually volunteer to foster for my local animal shelter. It really helps the shelter because they don’t have enough space, time or resources to take care of every animal themselves. 

One of my students shared that he and his family decided not to exchange gifts this Christmas, because they already have a lot. Instead, they are going to give to those who are disadvantaged.

I put kind notes up in our bathrooms at work to remind all of my co-workers that they are amazing.

I just moved to Utah, and I decided to help shovel the snow off of my neighbor’s driveway.

One day, there was a kid who dropped a pile of books and I helped him pick them up.

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