Kindness Korner: Final baseball game of the season for the team, first home run for one special senior

Everyone deserves to have that out-of-this world feeling when the ball goes over the fence. That’s right, the moment you hit a home run and get to jog around the bases; there’s nothing quite like it.

For one dedicated member of the Corona Del Mar High School baseball team, the last game of the season provided the first-ever experience of hitting a home run.

Staff, students and families of the high school showed up to the final game of the season to cheer on this special education senior and the team.

It was a full count, and as the pitcher threw the ball to the plate, the student took a swing at the high, final pitch and belted it to center field. The crowd rose to its feet and grew louder as the student continued around the bases, eventually reaching home where he was greeted by cheers from his entire team.

This was his first home run, and it was definitely one to remember.

The other team helped by fumbling the ball a little bit, but we’re told it was crushed, worthy of holding the title of home run.

The student’s swing of the bat made it happen, but the opposing team’s commitment to kindness played a part too.

Here are some of the other great kindness highlights you’ve shared with us:

“After my bike broke down miles from home, I thought the trend of cars passing by would continue and I would have to walk the full distance home. I was mistaken when a car with a stranger from my school and her mother stopped and gave me a ride to the bike shop across from my home.”

The other day my necklace broke and all my beads went all over the floor. My coworker offered to fix it for me and took it home and completely fixed the whole thing. It made me so happy.”

“I tutored my friend in college algebra for five hours on the weekend, because I want her to succeed and reach her goals.”

“My 93-year-old father was chopping wood and my nine year old son wanted to help him. He learned to chop and then stacked all the wood for his granddad. Happy tears!”

I had major spine surgery and friends brought me and my family dinner and/or groceries for weeks to help us. I am so appreciative of the kindness of good people in our time of need.”

“I offered to take a picture of a random group that was struggling to take a selfie along the sidewalk.”

My husband found a diabetes kit in the parking lot and he got out of his car to get it and we ended up taking it to the nearest restaurant. Hopefully someone will claim it.”

Right now, literally as of this minute exactly, we have registered 15,737 acts of kindness. Keep them comin’!

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