Kindness Korner: Her 11th birthday spent completing 11 acts of kindness

Kids’ birthday celebrations are often tied to a theme, perhaps based on their favorite movie or character. But this year one Capistrano Beach girl made her birthday’s theme kindness.

Daisy brought her friends together, not for her 11th birthday party, but to set out on a journey to complete 11 random acts of kindness in her community on her special day.

And, what better way to kickoff her kindness journey? How about with a rather well-known symbol for a birthday, the balloon.

Take a look at everything she did:

  1.  Passed out balloons to children shopping with their parents.
  2.  Posted signs on dressing room mirrors that said “You look fabulous.”
  3.  Passed out dollar bills to children in the dollar store to buy a toy.
  4.  Attached microwave popcorn to Redbox machines with a note that said “Enjoy this popcorn with your movie.”
  5.  Provided coloring books and crayons to those in a hospital emergency waiting room.
  6.  Placed quarters on a washer at the laundromat.
  7.  Passed out water to joggers on the jogging path and cheered them on while they were running.
  8.  Placed quarters on an arcade game.
  9.  Gave five people lottery tickets.
  10.  Brought cookies to a fire station with a note that said “Thank you for your service.”
  11.  Put cheerful notes on windshields of cars in a busy parking lot.

So, just when you think this story couldn’t get any better, with every act she left a note that read “Enjoy the surprise, please honor my birthday wish and pay the love forward to someone else. Remember, kindness is contagious.”

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