Kindness Korner: Kindness meets good timing for one mall shopper

She happened to be in the right place at the right time. Twice.

A woman was walking in an outdoor mall, window shopping and enjoying the day, when she saw a child’s hat on the ground next to a stroller. Being the kind person she is, she picked it up and handed it to the child’s dad. 

Then, minutes later, yet another stroller came into play, only this one was rolling away with a child inside. The woman dutifully caught the wayward stroller and returned it — along with the child — safely to the parent.

Take a look at some other acts of kindness you’ve shared:

“I helped an elderly woman, who was struggling to lift a heavy carton into her basket at IKEA. It felt good!”

“I was getting pizza at the mall a few nights ago and there were two Santa Ana Police officers ordering dinner. I paid for theirs, just as a small token of thanks for what they do for the community.”

“A co-worker gave up her chair in a meeting so someone else could sit in a more comfortable chair.”

I babysat my three granddaughters all weekend so my daughter and her husband could have a break.”

I picked up a dog at a vet for a rescue group and took him to an orthopedic specialist for a consult.

Right now we have registered 15,842 acts of kindness. Keep up the kindness!

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