#kindness1billion: A look at the acts of kindness you’ve shared (so far) in 2017

The kind acts keep coming in 2017.

Since OCDE launched its One Billion Acts of Kindness campaign in May, more than 1.1 million good deeds have been registered at kindness1billion.org and on social media accompanied by the hashtag kindness1billion.

That’s a pretty big number, but the stories behind it are even more inspiring. Here’s a look at what’s been shared with us in the first few weeks of the new year.


Over the holidays, me and my family made extra food and brought it to the homeless people in my area. The way their faces lit up when they saw they were getting a warm plate of food was truly heartwarming. I felt like I actually did something good and like the world might be okay if everyone helped those in need.

I helped an old lady cross the street. (Baltimore, Md.)

I held the door open for my teacher.

Our family bought 2 Christmas presents for needy families. We partnered with Mariners Church Mission Viejo.

I complimented someone about all the work that they do.

This weekend, my aunt and uncle were visiting their kids in Arizona, so they asked my brother and I to feed the dogs every day while they were gone. We did, so it’s technically 4 acts of kindness.

More than 4,000 students from the Anaheim Union High School District participated in community service projects on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, marking the district’s third annual Servathon event.

I was at the Great Wolf Lodge and I was at the arcade doing a really easy claw machine and I noticed a little girl and her mom and dad looking at it and it looked like the little girl wanted one so I gave her the next one I won.

My mom and I were making tamales for her friend’s party and we ended up making around 100 tamales for the party and dinner that night.

I opened the door for my mom.

I helped my dad figure out how to use the coffee machine!

We bought the groceries of the lady in front of us in line.

Our boys donated their toys and clothes.

A girl in my P.E. class fell today, and I helped her up even though it was a race to see who can get back first. (New York, N.Y.)

My class said “Good morning” and asked to be recorded on this site. (Placentia)

I donated cans to the food drive.

I talked to the new student at school who has no friends.

I volunteered at a homeless soup kitchen, which helped the people their in unfortunate times. It helped the people there because they might not have had a meal without volunteers. It made me feel like I gained a different perspective about things.

Gave money to homeless person in Long Beach in the cold on Dec. 31, 2016, New Year’s Eve, when out with friends.

I donated 10 dollars to a Syrian refugee website on New Year’s Day.

… I was walking down the street when someone dropped all their stuff on the floor and I felt bad because nobody was helping her so I felt the need to help and once I did I felt so much better about myself and it also inspired her to help someone in need as well. …

I went caroling at a local veterans home to bring joy and holiday spirit to their lives. I also purchased and wrapped batteries as useful gifts for the veterans.

Every year for the past 5 years I have conducted a holiday food drive in my neighborhood. I hand deliver over 350 flyers to my neighbor’s homes and then wait in the local park for 3 hours on the day of the drive to accept donations. So far we have collected over 1500 pounds of food! I donate it to a local food bank.


We’re featuring stories here as part of the One Billion Acts of Kindness initiative, so be sure to share yours at kindness1billion.org. You can also log kind acts by using the hashtag #kindness1billion on social media.