#Kindness1Billion: Tustin High juniors use 3-D printer to create prosthetic arm for fellow student

Tustin High was the first campus in Orange County to acquire a 3-D printer. Eight years later, it’s being utilized for a potentially life-changing project.

Juniors in the school’s T-Tech Technology and Engineering Academy recently employed the device to produce a prosthetic arm they designed for a seventh-grader named Nick.

Working under teacher Ed Hernandez, the students told us they spent about two weeks brainstorming the technical task before they got to meet Nick. With his input, the project became personal.

“In terms of designing the hand, we had to become way more specific with what we were doing,” says Derek, a junior in the T-Tech program. “We had to become more accurate with the measurements. We had to be more attentive to what he needed, and overall just taking him into consideration instead of just taking the design into consideration.”

“I think Nick has done more for us than we’ve done for him,” says Mr. Hernandez.

Click on the video above to watch this incredible story, which exemplifies both the power of STEM education and the spirit of Orange County’s One Billion Acts of Kindness campaign.