Marina High’s Helping Hands club welcomes spring with a beautification project

Marina High beautification project group
Marina High School’s Helping Hands club volunteered on March 4 to install new mulch and plant flowers around the administration building and parking lot. (Courtesy of Huntington Beach Union High School District)

As students, staff and school community members visit Marina High’s administrative building in the coming weeks, they will be welcomed with fresh flowers and plants surrounding the campus. 

On March 4, the school’s Helping Hands club members, teacher and advisor Carol Yoshiyama rolled up their sleeves with Marina High Principal Dr. Morgan Smith and Vice Principal Mia White to beautify the area surrounding the building and parking lot. 

Marina High School beautification project action

The club volunteers planted new flowers, shrubs and covered the soil with a new layer of mulch.

“Last year, I started to envision the possibility of improving Marina’s curb appeal by planting additional flowers and trees,” said student Pauline Blumenkrantz. “It was amazing for all of us to implement a vision into reality.”

The club’s mission is to create change in Huntington Beach and throughout Orange County by providing community service opportunities to improve the environment and support families in need. 

Marina High School students beautification project

“I hope the success of this project can inspire others to voice their opinions and enact change within their communities, as change can better our world,” Helping Hands President Carissa Loverme said.

While much of club’s service projects focus on the community, the members believed it was important to spread kindness within the Huntington Beach Union High School District to inspire their peers to find ways to make a difference. 

“It’s times like these that remind me there truly is no other career that is more rewarding,” said Carol Yoshiyama, English teacher and club advisor. “Witnessing outstanding students like the ones who came because they genuinely care enough about their school to want to give back in any way they can is truly heartwarming and priceless.”