New report shows how OCDE measures up against eight strategic goals

Orange County Superintendent Dr. Al Mijares has released a new report outlining OCDE’s progress toward its strategic goals.

“Measuring Up: Strategic Priorities and Key Performance Indicators” can be accessed in the publications section of the OCDE website, or by clicking on the graphic below.

Five years ago, the Orange County Department of Education unveiled its ambitious vision that “Orange County students will lead the nation in college and career readiness and success.” Along with that vision, the department developed a multi-year plan comprising eight strategic priorities, each accompanied by desired outcomes and key performance indicators.

Some of those metrics are featured in this two-page report, which tracks the progress of OCDE’s programs and services, as well as the overall performance of Orange County students.

“This brochure is not an unabridged account of our work, but it does provide a user-friendly snapshot of how we’re measuring up,” Dr. Mijares said. “Inside, you’ll find encouraging trends, including our countywide graduation rate and statistics connected to our technology trainings and support for the whole child. You will also find indicators of educational challenges that demand our attention, and that is the point.”

We’d encourage you to review the report, and be sure to participate in the surveys that help drive OCDE’s continuous improvement efforts.

To learn more about OCDE’s Strategic Plan and mission, visit the department’s website.