VIDEO: OCDE curates distance learning resources for educators, counselors and families

As school districts across Orange County pivot to distance learning models in real time, OCDE’s Educational Services division has developed a cache of online resources for educators, counselors and families.

Curated by a diverse team of instructional leaders and technology specialists, OCDE’s new Instructional Continuity website can be found at

“With the determination that student dismissal times from schools will extend across the county and state, our staff immediately directed their efforts toward the expansion of a virtual storehouse of content and supports to maintain academic continuity,” says Orange County Superintendent Dr. Al Mijares. 

“We hope schools, districts and families will find value in this bank of resources, which will continue to be augmented with input from the best educational leaders throughout the county and state,” Mijares said.

How it works

Visitors to the site will find it’s bucketed by role, with information specific to educators, educational leaders, counselors and families.

Those who identify as educators, for example, will find a range of clickable grade spans that lead to resources on an array of topics, from instructional content and student engagement to advice for “Building a Community of Learners” and “Managing Work and Family within a Shared Space.”

Similarly, families can find academic help along with social and emotional support, with topics such as “What can family schedules look like?” and “How do I keep my child feeling connected?” Counselors will find their own customized links, including content related to crisis response and working with families.

Along with materials developed by OCDE, the website taps into scores of free resources from reputable places like Khan Academy, PBS SoCal and Edutopia, which, for example, offers these useful tips to help teachers create sustainable and engaging distance learning experiences. 

How it came about

As school districts were announcing student dismissals, OCDE’s Educational Services team marshalled its resources to curate content for distance learning.

“We intentionally sought to include ways to support all students social-emotionally and academically,” says Tom Turner, an executive director in the division. “And this is a living site that will continue to evolve as more resources are made available and needs shift.”

The website was built out by consultant Lainie Rowell and OCDE STEM administrator Holly Steele, with support from Educational Technology Solutions Manager Matt Martinez. 

To access the Orange County Department of Education’s Instructional Continuity website, visit or click on the graphic below. For additional COVID-19 resources and information, visit


Instructional continuity website screenshot