OCDE program trains educators to better engage families in support of children’s learning

Orange County Department of Education’s Family Involvement Network supports students from districts throughout the county by organizing forums and training that bring together teachers, administrators and community representatives to discuss how to better engage families in their children’s education.

The forums address issues including what it looks like to engage parents and families in meaningful ways to support student success. They also share research, strategies and successful practices for building the capacity of school staff to work in partnership with parents and families.

Schools are now required to measure parental engagement as part of the state’s new accountability system, so the Family Involvement Network plays a key role in helping schools achieve those goals.

“What I enjoy about the meetings is being connected to different resources that I can bring back to our families and our students, and also linking them to these resources and applying more support,” said Griselda Bassoco, family community liaison for OCDE’s ACCESS/Title I Program. “I think our families are being more informed, more aware of our program and also asking questions, how does our school system work, and being part of our axis communities.”