OCDE to offer educational technology certifications for teachers and school leaders

Summer is just around the corner, and for many educators it’s the perfect time to get in some training to enhance and elevate classroom practices. To that end, the Orange County Department of Education is offering Leading Edge Certifications for teachers and school leaders.

Leading Edge Certification logo redBilled as the “certification for forward-thinking educators,” Leading Edge Certification is a national program designed to promote educational technology and curriculum innovation. The focus of each certification is to increase the knowledge and experience of educational leaders, enabling them to better leverage technology in the classroom.

Certifications are available in four categories: online and blended teacher, professional learning leader, administrator and digital educator.

Along with registration, orientation and an in-class portfolio review at the OCDE main offices in Costa Mesa, enrollees will participate in eight weeks of online work with one module completed per week, as well as an online web conference that serves as a mid-session overview.

You can go to the OCDE educational technology website for a detailed description of each certification, including learning objectives.

Here are the dates and registration links for the Leading Edge Certifications offered this summer.

Online and Blended Teacher ($475)
June 22 to Aug. 17
Register here by Jun 22.

Professional Learning Leader ($475)
June 25 to Aug. 20
Register here by June 25.

Administrator ($750)
June 30 to Aug. 25
Register here by June 30.

Digital Educator ($475)
July 1 to August 26
Register here by July 1.