VIDEO: ‘Small Paintings Project’ at OCDE school promotes big artistic vision

These tiny works of art may have come from equally tiny hands. But each required a big artistic vision and a thoughtful process.

This summer, students enrolled in OCDE’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing program worked with a guest instructor on a special art project that asked them to replicate paintings on increasingly smaller canvases. It’s called the “Small Paintings Project,” led by Mary Schultz of the state arts organization VSA California.

With grant funding from the Kennedy Center through VSA, young artists at the Orange County Regional Oral Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing program in Los Alamitos applied lessons they learned on shapes, lines, use of space and color-mixing to create large drawings. Then they were tasked with reducing the size of their pictures to complete scaled-down versions. They did so again to produce modest 4-by-6-inch paintings, which were displayed nicely on appropriately sized easels.

Take a look at the segment above, courtesy of our Media Services team.