Tim Shaw resigns from OC Board of Education

Orange County Board of Education member Tim Shaw has stepped down from his seat.

Tim Shaw

In a statement dated Nov. 1, Shaw, who is also a La Habra City Council member, cited a potentially costly legal challenge over whether he should serve on both governing bodies.

Shaw was elected in March 2020 to represent Orange County’s Fourth District, which serves Buena Park, Fullerton, La Habra, Placentia and portions of Anaheim. In November, he was reelected to serve on the La Habra City Council, a position he’s held since 2008.

“Although I am resigning from the Orange County Board of Education, I will continue to be a friend and supporter of the good work they do on behalf of the students and families of Orange County,” Shaw said in a statement.

Filling a board vacancy

According to state Education Code 5091, when a vacancy occurs longer than four months before the end of a board member’s term — Shaw’s term would have expired in 2024 — the board has 60 days within the date of the vacancy or the filing of the member’s resignation to either make a provisional appointment or order a special election.

If the board elects for a provisional appointment, that seat would become eligible again in the next regularly scheduled election, which would be June 2022.

The California School Boards Association has put together a reference guide with additional details on the process.

About the OC Board of Education

The Orange County Board of Education is made up of five elected officials who each serve four-year terms. Its responsibilities include:

  • Approving the annual budget of the Orange County Department of Education
  • Receiving the annual audit of the Orange County Department of Education
  • Maintaining an awareness of the operations and financial conditions of the school districts in the county
  • Approving the purchase of property for department programs
  • Serving as Orange County’s appeal board for the adjudication of expulsion appeals and interdistrict attendance appeals
  • Representing Orange County’s education community and families at the local, county, state, and national level
  • Informing local communities about the programs and achievements of the Orange County Department of Education

More information can be found on the board’s official website.