VIDEO: What’s the role of a county office of education? Here’s a quick look.

Did you know there are 58 counties in California, and that each has a county office of education?

They all work a little differently, so let’s focus for a moment on the Orange County Department of Education.

OCDE has two primary functions: First, the department provides direct instruction to our county’s most vulnerable student populations through its Alternative Education and Special Education divisions.

Second, OCDE supports local school districts with services that are necessary for their operations, including professional development, high-speed internet access and security, legal and fiscal guidance, payroll systems, Local Control and Accountability Plan assistance and approval, and student enrichment.

Produced by OCDE’s Media Services team, the video above offers a quick primer on county offices of education and how they work to support school systems, students and families throughout the state. There’s also an accompanying flip book, courtesy of our friends with the Kern County Superintendent of Schools.

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