Weekly roundup: Irvine teacher makes distance learning fun; CA schools will start school year with distance learning, and more

An Irvine teacher proves that while distance learning isn’t a replacement for in-person learning, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

A USA Today article described how daily Zoom lessons in Brandon Wislocki’s fifth-grade at Stonegate Elementary in Irvine were an experiment in creativity. While still learning the core math and English standards, students in Mr. Wislock’s class participated in lessons that featured guitar playing, discussions about literature, live math lessons, and fun games, such as Oreo stacking and household scavenger hunts.

The article noted that distance learning doesn’t have to be seen as “bad” and offered families advice to help vet the quality of a school’s distance learning program.

Several education experts have stressed that giving students project-based assignments at home that incorporate their lives or their interests — and that take them away from the computer — should be prioritized, according to the article.

“We have an opportunity right now to try things that we’ve wanted to try but have never had the time to do,” Wislocki told USA Today. “So let’s do some new stuff.”

Here are some other stories we’ve been following this week:Title for "In the news"

  • During his daily briefing on Friday, Governor Gavin Newsom provided new guidance for schools including information on testing, distance learning, face coverings, and how to reopen and close schools in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak on campuses.
  • Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner and acting Orange County Health Officer Clayton Chau issued a statement Wednesday that put some distance between themselves and the OC Board of Ed’s recommendation, the Register reported.

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