Working Wardrobes teams with OCDE to help prep students for jobs

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A crisp suit and tie or neatly pressed slacks and a blouse can go a long way in giving one job candidate an advantage during an interview.

Thanks to the nonprofit Working Wardrobes, a group of students from OCDE’s alternative education program recently got a chance to pick out some outfits they can use during their own professional interviews.

These students from OCDE’s Alternative, Community, and Correctional Education Schools and Services program, also known as ACCESS, were part of the program’s Career Success Week from March 26-30.

During the week, students learned how to evaluate their job skills, write a resume, and prepare for an interview. They also participated in mock interviews and discussed how to make a good impression the first day on the job. The highlight of the week was a field trip to Working Wardrobes, where agency staff helped students choose interview attire to help them look professional and boost their confidence.​

“The students greatly enjoyed the chance to select their own business suit, and it was wonderful to see how their confidence grew as a result,” said Wendy Rogan, a program specialist for ACCESS.

One student added, “Not only do I feel like this suit will help me find the job that’s right for me, but I feel like a million bucks.”

Check out their transformation in our gallery above.