Inside the Outdoors living history field trips move learning out of the classroom (video)

We recently caught up with one of our Inside the Outdoor programs leading a field trip for third- and fourth-grade students at the historic Helena Modjeska House. This living history field trip is an example of the offerings from Inside the Outdoors that moves learning out of the classroom and into a hands-on environment through programs designed to support the curriculum for each grade level.

At the Helena Modjeska House, students have the opportunity to not only tour the historic home but also to use the tools and machines of the time, play parlor games, engage in common chores that children in the 1900s were expected to do, learn about beekeeping and explore the garden. Take a look at the video above, which shows students experiencing life in 1900 rural Orange County.

For more information and to register for hands-on living history and science programs, visit the Inside the outdoors website here.