VIDEO: Heroes Hall exhibit explores history through the eyes of local veterans

To mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, we thought we’d let you know about a local space where students and adults can experience history and honor the sacrifices of Orange County’s veterans.

Nestled next to Centennial Farm at the OC Fair & Event Center is a World War II-era Army barrack that’s been converted into a free museum and education center.

It’s called Heroes Hall, and it features immersive exhibits, performances and educational programs that celebrate the legacy of Orange County veterans and others who served the nation in times of conflict. Students and educators are encouraged to tour the two-story facility and courtyard throughout the year, and there’s even a bus scholarship to help cover transportation costs.

“We’re very committed to bringing in local school students to learn about the military history of our country and to have them connect with our local veterans,” said museum supervisor Carol Singleton.

Check out our video feature above to learn more, and visit

This video was produced by Richard Rodriguez and Greg Lammers of OCDE’s Media Services team.