OCDE assistant supt. to participate in multi-state initiative on social and emotional learning

The education news website EdSource recently reported that 13 educators have been appointed to a state planning committee tasked with developing social and emotional learning guidelines for schools across California. Among them is OCDE Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services Christine Olmstead.

An image of OCDE Assistant Superintendent receiving the Making IT Happen award
OCDE Assistant Superintendent Christine Olmstead has been named to a state planning committee that will develop social and emotional learning guidelines for California schools. Pictured above, Olmstead receives the International Society of Technology in Education’s Making IT Happen award at the CUE National Conference in March.

“OCDE is excited to be a part of this committee,” said Olmstead. “Social and emotional skill-building is already a priority in our school districts and classrooms, but by working together with experts across the state to create a universal process for implementation, we can improve student outcomes at all levels.”

Social and emotional learning can generally be described as the process of acquiring the skills necessary to manage emotions, demonstrate compassion for others, build positive relationships, make responsible decisions and set goals.

The committee that includes Olmstead and a dozen other educational leaders represents California’s participation in a multi-state initiative designed to give state educators a better understanding of social and emotional learning and how it’s taught in the classroom, according to the EdSource article, which can be found here.

Social and emotional learning has been a trending topic among the education community. Earlier this year, OCDE was awarded $30 million in state funding to assist schools and districts throughout the state with the implementation of a framework of supports to address students’ academic, behavioral and social needs.