OCDE Project GLAD NTC wins Golden Bell Award for helping improve student outcomes

An Orange County Department of Education program created to train educators in practices that improve language and literacy for all students, especially English language learners, has won a prestigious Golden Bell Award from the California School Boards Association.

OCDE Project GLAD National Training Center (NTC) was recognized as a program that’s innovative and sustainable, makes a demonstrated difference for students and focuses on meeting the needs of all students, according to the association.

CSBA Golden Bell Awards logo

For more than 20 years, OCDE Project GLAD NTC has provided training for educators both nationally and internationally. It’s been credited with improving students’ access to quality instruction, leading to higher levels of academic success. Through the program, teachers learn skills to better promote an environment that respects and honors each child’s voice, personal life experience, beliefs and values their culture.

Teachers also receive training that allows them to better incorporate project based learning, language immersion and language acquisition. Elements of the program are rooted in research that has been field tested for the past two decades.

Campuses that have received state recognition for improving student achievement, especially among English learners and low-income students, often credit OCDE Project GLAD NTC for helping with academic gains.

The Golden Bell Award, now in its 38th year, is considered one of the state’s leading educational honors. Each year, dozens of programs statewide win the award. The full list of winners will be announced in coming weeks.

The OCDE Project GLAD NTC team will receive its Golden Bell Award at a ceremony Nov. 30 in San Diego.