Weekly roundup: Students debate mascot name, Teachers of the Year and more

The majority of students at Savanna High want to rebrand their school mascot after some raised concerns about its symbolism.

Students at the Anaheim Union High School District campus debated this week whether to ditch the name altogether of the mascot Johnny Rebel, keep it in place or find some other solution. School leaders encouraged students to discuss in classrooms what they thought about the mascot name, which has remained a symbol for many of the Confederacy and the Civil War.

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After their discussions, students voted. The Orange County Register reported that 56 percent of students voted that they wanted the mascot name to be the Rebels, but without the name “Johnny.” These students supported removing all references to the Confederacy and the Civil War from the Rebels name.

About 26 percent of students wanted to keep Johnny Rebel, and 18 percent thought the mascot should be replaced completely, according to the Register.

Students will present the vote tally to the Anaheim Union School Board at an upcoming meeting, where board members could ultimately decide the fate of Johnny Rebel.

Here are some other education news stories from the week ending Oct. 27:

  • Soaring musical numbers, VIPs on stage and in the crowd, and even appearances by Mickey and Minnie helped celebrate the 62 distinguished teachers at the annual Orange County Teachers of the Year ceremony Tuesday at the Disneyland Hotel.
  • Schools across Orange County celebrated Red Ribbon Week with youth forums, health lessons, Spirit Day events, role-playing skits, art projects and other activities.

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