VIDEO: Science gets immersive at Rancho Soñado, one of 14 field trip sites offered by Inside the Outdoors

Nestled against the Santa Ana Mountains, Rancho Soñado serves as the home base of OCDE’s Inside the Outdoors environmental education program. It’s also one of the program’s popular field trips sites, giving students throughout the region a chance to explore unspoiled local ecosystems.

We could go on and on here about the picturesque scenery and natural wildlife that’s right in our own backyard, but we’re not really sure words would do it justice. Besides, our Media Services team shot the way-more-compelling video you see above after recently tagging along with some visiting Anaheim elementary students.

Administered by OCDE, Inside the Outdoors has been nurturing student knowledge and stewardship of the natural environment since 1974. The award-winning program aligns with the state’s instructional standards — including the Next Generation Science Standards — and offers 14 field trip locations throughout Orange County and one in Los Angeles County. It also dispatches Traveling Scientists to schools to promote the awareness and appreciation of science.

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