Video Tips for Teachers: Ditch the glares with this homemade sunshade

As educators across the state embrace distance learning, we thought some helpful video tips might be in order.

OCDE’s Media Services team launched this series for those who are now incorporating video into their daily teaching. Whether you’re using teleconferencing systems or pre-recording lessons to post on learning platforms like Canvas, these quick tutorials are designed to up your distance-learning game in simple ways that won’t add to your workload.

Newer videos will be posted at the top as they’re released, so be sure to check back for updates.


Ditch the glares with this homemade sunshade

Added April 21, 2020


Find your flattering features with flawless framing

Added April 10, 2020


Avoid the dark side by turning to the light

Added April 2, 2020


Embrace your inner MacGyver with this DIY document camera

Added April 2, 2020

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