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Measuring Up cover page

Orange County superintendent releases report outlining progress toward strategic priorities

Dr. Al Mijares, Orange County's superintendent of schools, has released a brand new report assessing OCDE's progress toward meeting its eight strategic goals. "Measuring Up: Strategic Priorities and Key Performance Indicators” offers a user-friendly snapshot of how the department's programs and services are performing while tracking the achievement of Orange County students overall. Click through to view the report and learn more.
parent and girl walking into school

Five tips for a successful parent-teacher conference

It’s mid-September, and many of our schools are either in the thick of parent-teacher conferences or preparing for them. This is a great opportunity for schools and families to work together to ensure the best educational experience possible for your child. Here are five tips to help you make the most out of parent-teacher conference time. [...]
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High School Inc. program leverages local businesses to promote college and career readiness

The High School Inc. program at Valley High School in Santa Ana may have raised a few eyebrows when it announced that students who entered as sophomores had posted a near-perfect graduation rate of 98.5 percent in 2014. But graduation statistics only tell part of the story. What’s perhaps most unique is this school-within-a-school’s approach to blending college and career readiness. Click through to learn more.
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Digital instructional materials are here, but classroom equity rules still apply

As school districts in California continue their transition to new educational standards, they may be purchasing new instructional materials for students, and many are looking at digital materials. While the way instructional materials are delivered may change, what hasn’t changed are the laws that require those materials be distributed equitably – along with the California Constitution’s guarantee of a free public education.[...]