In the news: Fullerton sixth-grader takes passion for chemistry outside of the classroom

An 11-year-old from the Fullerton School District recently caught the attention of Spectrum News 1 for taking his passion for chemistry and sharing it with the world.

Ethan Cho, sixth-grader at Laguna Road elementary school, created his own YouTube channel — Ethan’s Laboratory — where he and his younger brother, Ryan Cho, post chemistry lessons and experiments.

“I’m hoping people can watch some of my videos and know that chemistry can be in a way kind of simple and it can be used for fun things,” Ethan told Spectrum News reporter Vicky Nguyen.

But Ethan’s not only gaining the attention of local media.

Earlier this year, he was named as one of the district’s “Dream Catchers.” Aimed at recognizing students who are taking their learning beyond the classroom to make an impact in their community, the Dream Catchers initiative was launched by Fullerton School District Superintendent Dr. Bob Pletka in 2018. Ethan is one of 10 students in the district who were chosen to be part of the annual program.

“People underestimate our children and underestimate the great talents and skills that kids have and that they can bring,” Pletka told Nguyen. “If we can empower them, to provide those strengths and assets, that in some ways also is incredibly healing. It’s also something very important and builds a sense of confidence.”

You can check out Ethan’s Laboratory by watching his latest experiment below. For additional information about the Dream Catchers program, visit the Fullerton School District website.