#kindness1billion: ‘Helpful Hawk People’ soar at TUSD’s Orchard Hills School

Students participating in kindness activities outsideOrchard Hills School in the Tustin Unified School District is the home of the Hawks. And these days it’s also home to some “Random Acts of Hawkfulness.”

We can explain.

Gifts of kindness
Students at Orchard Hills School in the Tustin Unified School District have been committing random acts of kindness and fulfilling kind wishes on behalf of others. Gifts have included candy, donuts and school supplies.

The Irvine campus’ student government recently kicked off a schoolwide kindness campaign modeled after those ubiquitous “Helpful Honda Dealer” car commercials. At Orchard Hills, Helpful Hawk People are all about fulfilling good deeds — and adding them to OCDE’s running total, which is now north of 8 million.

“We have been spreading random acts of kindness and cheer around campus in a variety of ways,” STEAM teacher Megan Englebrecht shared via email.

Englebrecht said each day a nominated class is selected to get a special treat at lunch, along with a note that urges them to complete random acts of kindness. They’re encouraged to log their completed acts on the One Billion Acts of Kindness website, which of course can be found at www.kindness1billion.org.

Englebrecht added that students are giving kindness shout-outs during lunchtime, and they’re nominating others for kind wishes — soliciting donuts, candy and even school supplies on behalf of those who perhaps could use a little good cheer.

“Students submit the reason another student should receive a wish,” she said. “We’ve had over 200 students submit wishes for other students.”

We think it’s awful kind of Englebrecht and the folks at Orchard Hills to let us know about their “Random Acts of Hawkfulness.” And here are some other stories you’ve shared recently through the One Billion Acts of Kindness website.


I shared my homemade cranberry vanilla healthy granola with some of my teachers that have inspired me this year.

Each guest at a Valentine’s Day party provided a donation to the Irvine Animal Care Center.

I was having a rough day and a colleague had to run a work errand … and brought me back a surprise latte with “Breathe” written on it. 🙂

We were contacted by a donor who requested a video showcasing our program. The turnaround time was super quick. The OCDE media team stepped-up in the midst of a very busy schedule. This is important as it lets those who support our students know that they are appreciated.

My boss bought her department pizza to celebrate National Pizza Day today!

A group of OCDE Special Ed staff donated a $350 gift card to a student diagnosed with lymphoma.

I bought a hygiene kit for a homeless man who had his cart parked outside of Ralphs.

A special needs class in Fullerton collected sweatshirts for children in group homes.

I purchased a warm winter coat for a child that lived in Nebraska and didn’t have one

We were in the drive-thru at Jack in the Box and the car ahead of us purchased our food for us. In turn we paid for the car behind us 🙂 Pay it forward!

Hi! I turn 50 today! For my birthday, I chose to send out 50 cards to people (friends & family) and asked them to Pay It Forward as a way to help ME celebrate.

I helped my neighbor shovel his driveway first thing in the morning when I was up in the mountains for the long weekend.

Bought a homeless man pancakes from Norms.

I took care of my baby brother when my mom was cooking, then I helped her dry the dishes.

 I gave a note to my mom on how much I love her!