#kindness1billion: Local campuses ready to take on the Great Kindness Challenge

A number of Orange County schools are planning to participate in the Great Kindness Challenge this week.

Created by the nonprofit group Kids for Peace, the Great Kindness Challenge is a national program dedicated to recording as many acts of kindness as possible in a single week — typically the last full week of January.

Hands in the shape of a heartParticipating campuses are encouraged to register and download a checklist and toolkit. Additionally, schools and county offices can become “Kindness Certified” by taking a few extra steps.

OCDE also has its own One Billion Acts of Kindness campaign, which was created to promote character, improve school climates and amplify civility all year long. You can add to the running total anytime at kindness1billion.org, and there’s even an app available for iOS and Android devices to make logging good deeds simple and fun for kids.

We should note that a quick Google search reveals an abundance of kindness campaigns — and the more the better, as far as we’re concerned. If your school or class is already a regular contributor to the One Billion Acts of Kindness initiative, we’d encourage you to learn more about the Great Kindness Challenge by downloading their official checklist and toolkit. And if you’re checking off kind acts for this week’s Great Kindness Challenge, we hope you’ll add them to OCDE’s running total.

No matter what prompts kindness, or how kind acts are counted, each act of compassion makes the world that much more compassionate.