Refurbished school farm offers hands-on learning

The Ocean View School District hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday at Golden View Environmental Science School for the re-opening of its refurbished farm, which sits on a 2.5-acre site in Huntington Beach.

The event featured tours of the new and improved Golden View Farm, which provides students with multiple, hands-on learning opportunities. District officials say caring for living animals helps children understand life cycles, the reciprocity between animals and humans, and the importance of making responsible choices.

students pose in front of a barnTending the garden allows students to plant, harvest and cook nutritious food using natural ingredients. Through the recycle, reuse and repurpose program, students learn how to be stewards of the environment.

Key upgrades made to the farm include new animal enclosures for sheep and goats, an outdoor exercise area for animals, hardscaping and new interior and exterior fencing.

“We are so proud of the Golden View Farm and the engaging, real-world experiences it provides our students,” district Superintendent Carol Hansen said. “The wonderful improvements that have been made ensure that both our students and animals thrive in a safe and conducive learning environment.”