California tells the feds teachers are needed in most subject areas

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a classroom teacher, this might be a good time.

shutterstock_303888209According to a recent article from EdSource, California is reporting teacher shortages in most subject areas, including elementary education. This type of disclosure might result in increased federal assistance in the form of tuition grants and forgiveness on some student loan debt for those willing to fill the gaps.

Here’s more from EdSource:

Each year California is required to tell the U.S. Department of Education in what subject areas teacher shortages exist, based on a formula established by the federal government, which then publishes a nationwide list of shortage areas.  The list carries significant weight because prospective teachers who agree to teach subjects that appear on the list can qualify for federal grants that cover a portion of their college tuition costs, or for forgiveness of some or all of certain federal student loans. California’s list now covers most subject areas in the state.

In a letter to the U.S. Department of Education last month, the state listed all the areas in which shortages exist. In addition to physical education, they include elementary education, mathematics and computer education; English, drama and humanities; history and social sciences; science; and special education. According to the letter, elementary teachers are now the highest priority for the state.

You can read the entire EdSource story here. And for information on becoming a teacher in California, go here.