UCI to break down the physics of superheroes during presentation for K-12 students

cartoon super heroesUCI’s School of Physical Sciences will host its annual physics show and lecture for K-12 students on Saturday, Feb. 1.

This year’s theme? Superpowers.

Adults are also welcome to attend “Adventures in Physics: How Physics makes Superheroes Super” from 1 to 3 p.m. in the campus’ Physical Science Lecture Hall. The event, featuring live demonstrations and experiments, is free and open to guests who RSVP by Jan. 25.

UCI Professor Bill Heidbrink and his team will kick off the presentation by demonstrating concepts related to Newton’s laws and momentum. Next, Professor Michael Dennin will turn the conversation to superpowers, breaking down what is and isn’t possible in our universe — and whether Superman or Spiderman is the more realistic do-gooder.

Later, UCI students will host a Q&A session about life in college.

Capes are optional. For more information or to register, visit ps.uci.edu/adventuresinphysics. And here’s the promo video for last year’s event.